4 thoughts on “The John T. Rettaliata Engineering Center at IIT

  1. This is a great idea. This site can serve as a collection of ideas and opinions on the proposed changes to E1. The ACE undergraduate Student Council will use this as a platform to gather student input on the designs and possible changes.

  2. So when will closed housing buildings that are in disrepair be upgraded so the students who want to live on campus can do so? Mies van de Rohe buildings that cannot be demolished and replaced because of their historical value are empty except for squatters, and the university claims it can’t afford repairs. Maybe someone in the architecture department could write a grant.

  3. I wish the best for the successful completion of the renovation of E1 (Rettaliata Engineering Center, REC) however, I want to see the timetable for the repair of the building itself relative to the terrible water problem. In the repair and basic upgrades section I see no comprehensive plan to eliminate massive water infiltration with every rainstorm. Do we have an overall plan dedicated to the sealing of the building rather than a stopgap measure? It is possible that no comprehensive plan is in place because of assessment issues but I know the faculty in REC would like to have a look at the complete analysis and mitigation plan before work begins.

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